A Day in the Life of ODIM

Back in July, we made a connection with the NGO “Unlocking Silent Histories”, a group that teaches young Maya people to use cameras and video to unlock the histories of their people. Borrowing from a LIFE magazine idea (A Day in the Life of the USA, Russia, etc.), I asked Unlocking Silent Histories to teach eight of our ODIM promoters the basics of photograph composition and we then set them loose to take pictures of every activity and all personnel of ODIM.

The result was the “world premiere” Powerpoint presentation of A Day in the Life of ODIM, showcasing the 100 best photos selected from the 1600 taken. For the premiere, we served up popcorn and fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies and watched the show after one of our regularly scheduled Wednesday afternoon training events for all staff.  

-Jeff Hassel, Executive Director