The Life of a Young Nurse Changes with her First Paycheck

Do you remember the day you received your first "real" paycheck?  How did you feel?  I remember feeling on top of the world!

One of my greatest pleasures at ODIM is when I pay our staff.  Our Business Manager, Pedro Mendez, and I count out the salaries for each employee (yes, CASH, as very few here have bank accounts) and set up a table with a chair for me and a chair for employees.  One by one, I invite them to the office, offer coffee, pay them, and then we do a "check-in" - taking a few minutes to talk.

Last Friday, a recent graduate from nursing school received her first salary as a nurse.  She came to us as one of four students who practiced their skills at our clinics and distinguished herself as intelligent, personable and dedicated in her work.  As a result, we offered her a job. 

When I paid her, tears welled-up in her eyes as she told me that many times she had promised her mom and dad to pay them back in some way for the sacrifices they made to put her through school.  Wanting more than anything to bless her family on her first payday, she said, "Today I will give this money to my parents."    In front of my eyes this young woman's life seemed to shift in the direction of being an adult and personally, I am grateful that people like her are working with ODIM.

The mission of ODIM Guatemala is to serve our two communities via competent, caring, comprehensive healthcare and educational services.  We also are in the business of developing lives.  Thanks for your support.



Jeff Hassel
Executive Director