Diabetes Walk Together

Isabela, a diabetic participant in Caminemos Juntos, had a stroke in February that left her with facial paralysis. We were so sad when she didn’t show up to the classes because she has been very participative in the program. With the other club participants we decided to visit her at her house. She was overjoyed to see us and she told her daughter that they had to give a healthy snack to her friends from Caminemos Juntos. Her excitement inspired us to do a class at her house on March 18th. It was a joyful event for everybody involved, especially for her. We have been visiting Isabela and checking her blood sugar levels. She is improving and recovering her ability to speak. We are planning to host another Caminemos Juntos meeting at her home very soon.

At ODIM we believe that the support our programs provide reaches far beyond the information and medical services we provide participants. In our diabetes club, Caminemos Juntos, we also provide a space for individuals confronting a common health challenge to support one another. Isabela’s story provides us with a small reminder of how social solidarity can help aid recovery and promote overall health.