Amy’s US Fundraising tour.

At the beginning of October Executive Director Amy returned from her fundraising tour to the US. During her two weeks she was happy to meet many new and old friends from our extended community of First United Methodist Church Denton, Northaven United Methodist Church, Wamego First United Methodist Church, Emporia First United Methodist Church, Shawnee Heights United Methodist Church, University Park United Methodist Church, Argyle United Methodist Church and Rotary Club of Emporia.

Because of you we managed to raise $16.303 and thus reached our goal of $15.000 in donations. So on behalf of Amy and all of us here at ODIM, THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to our work and our communities.

“I had a fantastic trip to the States. It was really great to meet people who support our work.  Some people have supported ODIM for many years, while others has just got to know us, but it was great to feel that we have so much support in the different States I visited. I would like to say huge thank you to everyone that put on events, that welcomed me into their homes, and that came to tell me why they are interested in helping us. And a big thank you to everyone who donated and helped us reach our goal” – Executive Director, Amy Holly

Thanks to your generosity we can now enroll 25 pregnant women in our Healthy Mommy & Me initiative, providing each of them with; one Safe Birth Kit, one Newborn Baby Starter Kit, food provisions for two years, prenatal and post birth consultations (including the vitamins and tests they need), and we can pay the salary of one Healthy Mommy & Me health promoter for the entire duration of the program (2 years). In addition to this, the $7800 donation from Wamego First United Methodist Church will cover our nurse Rebeca’s salary for one year as well as our IT needs.

We're so grateful to the members of our extended community, old and new, who stepped up to help!

If you would like to give our communities a helping hand but just didn't get around to it, we are still short of sponsors and Business Ambassadors.

To sign up as a sponsor click here If you wish to become a ODIM Business Ambassador reach out to Communications and Fundraising Manager Katja Gryl ( or Executive Director Amy Holly (

Thanks again everyone!

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