Voucher program is off to a great start!

New partner, new program

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This past month we kicked off our new voucher program in collaboration with Centro Maya – a humanitarian and social justice outreach helping disabled persons in San Juan La Laguna.

Twice a month we will provide vouchers for our Healthy Mommy & Me participants, which they can use to purchase healthy food options e.g. beans, vegetables, eggs, oatmeal and Incaparina at the Alma de Colores stores in San Juan and San Pablo. Alma de Colores is run by students with disabilities from Centro Maya’s Social and Labor inclusion workshop. The initiative replaces our previous egg and Incaparina supplements given once a month during our Healthy Mommy & Me initiative and aims to reduce malnutrition amongst the children of our communities.


 “The voucher program is a fantastic initiative because it provides mothers with more independence to choose from healthy foods that benefit the development of their children, while at the same time supporting young people and adults with disabilities to generate income.” – Melyna Antonia Cholotío Perez, Deputy Manager of Community Health & Education Programs

The program was a success from day one. Our participants arrived from early morning together with their husbands and children. The mood was high as staff, students, participants and families got to socialize and the families expressed their appreciation for getting the opportunity to choose their foods themselves.

Alma de Colores is a social and labor inclusion workshop for people with disabilities, located at San Juan La Laguna. The workshop consists of more than 26 members, aged 16 to 44, who work and engage in the following areas: crafts making, sewing, bakery, their biological garden, and restaurant. The project is part of “Centro Maya Servicio Integral”.

At ODIM we believe in the inclusion of people with disabilities as active participants in the local economy. Thus we are very exited about the opportunity to collaborate with Centro Maya and the fantastic people of Alma de Colores, and together ensure sustainable change in our communities.