Meet Rosa Maria and Eymi

Last week we celebrated the graduation of 16 mothers and their babies participating in the Healthy Mommy & Me initiative. One of them was 21-year old Rosa Maria and her 2-year old girl Eymi. Rosa Maria is a single mom and has been participating in Healthy Mommy & Me since she was 4 months pregnant.

Rosa Maria and Eymi at the Healthy Mommy & Me graduation

Rosa Maria and Eymi at the Healthy Mommy & Me graduation

It has been very important for me to participate in this because we go through many subjects that I didn’t know anything about. I have leaned how to care for a baby, how to practice good hygiene and about the babies development during their first year. But most of all I have leaned to participate. When I was young I didn’t like to speak, but in the clinic I lost my fear of speaking because of the mutual trust we had in the group. So I think it is very important to share experiences with other women in the same situation and who are not all from the same village.
— Rosa Maria

Together with the other 16 participants of Mommy and Me initiative Rosa Maria has now completed 1,000 days of nutrition, health education and family planning support. For their graduation the mothers and babies were greeted with music and balanced meals. They played holistic games for mommy-baby bonding and shared quality time with their peers. 

mommy and me graduation 1.jpg

We wish Rosa Maria and Eymi and all the other mommies and babies all the best!