Monica Graduated


Our receptionist and scholarship teacher Monica has graduated as nursing assistant. But she is not done. Inspired by the work done in ODIM and her community’s needs Monica will continue to work hard until she has graduated as a nurse.

Monica is 30 years old and live in San Pablo La Laguna with her husband. Her mom, and her 9 brothers and sisters also live in San Pablo, but her dad died several years ago. She started working with ODIM in 2009 as a tutor in our scholarship program, and in 2014 she also became our receptionist in the San Pablo clinic.

Initially I decided to work for ODIM and follow this path because of my family. I have a big family. There are 11 of us but none of the others have any knowledge about healthcare. So when someone in my family would get sick or need an injection we had to call someone so they could do it. So I saw this need in my family and in San Pablo and decided that was what I wanted to do. I think it is an important career and that the work we do matters. This way I can help my family and the people from our community.
— Monica

On her 8 year anniversary with ODIM, Monica applied for and received one of our ODIM staff scholarships, and after two years of hard work she graduated as a nursing assistant.

When I started working in the clinic I became curious about health and wanted to know more. That’s why I applied for the scholarship, to pursue a career in nursing and because I wanted to be able to help my colleagues here in the clinic. Thanks to ODIM I’ve now graduated as nursing assistant. My dream is to graduate as a nurse and that one I will day be able to attend patients like ODIM’s senior nurse Rebeca.
— Monica
Staff scholarships are such an important part of what we do. ODIM leaves a positive footprint in our communities, not only through the patients that we serve but also as an important employer in the region. We want to ensure that our employees have the opportunity to grow, to become experts in what they do and to share that knowledge with their colleagues as well as in their community. Through staff scholarships, we are building the capacity of local staff at the same time as improving the services that ODIM offers.
— Executive Director, Amy Holly

In San Pablo 80% of children finish schooling before 6th grade and indigenous girls on average attend school for only three years. We started our scholarship program for children and for our staff to improve the skills of the local population including health services in order to ensure a more sustainable development, and we are happy to see that it is working.

My family was very happy when I decided to study this career because no-one in my family had ever studied at college before. Some of my brothers and sisters started to study but they dropped out around 9th grade because they got married.

I think it is a great opportunity that ODIM gives us to grow in life. Because many of us don’t have the opportunity to continue our studies. The truth is that it is a good feeling when someone decides to help you and ODIM is an organization that cares about the needs of every single one of their employees. Not all NGOs do this. Without ODIM I wouldn’t be in this stage of my life.
— Monica

Congratulations to Monica from the entire ODIM family. Monica is an important part of our team and we are grateful to have her onboard.