Rosa and Mary´s Story

In Guatemala, the amount of people with diabetes has been increasing every year, and it is currently the third most common cause of death in the country. We have helped over 300 patients with diabetes in our two clinics. Some of them decide to take their treatment one step further joining our Let´s Walk Together Club.

Our sponsorship program allows one donor to cover the costs of one of our participants in the program. Mary is one of our sponsors and during her visit to Guatemala she had the chance to meet with Rosa, the woman whom she is now sponsoring. 


Mary has a special interest in this program because her father was a Type 1 diabetic, which means she knows how important it is for them to have the support of those closest to them. “I grew up on an American Diabetic Association diet and I am very familiar with the importance of family support in a diabetic's development of the self-discipline needed to control diabetes.   Throughout his life, my father was an advocate and role model for newly-diagnosed diabetics, so I am glad to be able to continue his work in Guatemala through an ODIM sponsorship”.

Mary visited Rosa at her house in San Pedro La Laguna. They were able to talk (with the help of a translator) and got to know each other a little bit more:

“Rosa and I talked about the different components of the Let’s Walk Together program.  She does not want to miss the monthly sessions at which her blood sugar is tested or at which she receives medication. Her family at home, currently her husband and youngest son, join her in eating healthy meals. She tells them they can add sugar to their food, but they never do.

Rosa is grateful that people who live in San Pedro can be included in the ´Let´s Walk Together´ program based in San Juan. However, sometimes she has to miss the group meetings, because she must pay for a tuk-tuk to get to and from San Juan each week and she can´t always afford it. This makes her sad, because for her that is the most fun. At the meeting, participants exercise, encourage one another, do role-plays, and engage in other activities.

The opportunity I have had to meet Rosa and her husband in their home, to hear about their three adult children, to see her darling puppy, and to hear how much she appreciates being part of Let’s Walk Together adds to my joy in being able to commit $30 a month to ODIM Guatemala as a diabetic sponsorship.”

You can also be a sponsor and help someone like Rosa live a full life! For more information reach out to Communications and Fundraising Manager, Katja Gryl at communications.manager@odimguatemala. org. To sign up as a sponsor click here

It cost $30 to sponsor a diabetes patient - covering the complete cost of the patient in our program. Once you have signed up as a sponsor you will receive a profile of your sponsored patient, and updates about his or her progress every 6 months.