Marvin and Paul's Story

ODIM´s Scholarship Program is currently helping children and teenagers from San Pablo La Laguna to continue their studies and graduate from High School. In Guatemala, only 24% of children of school age attend High School. In most cases, they drop out because of economic reasons - because their families cannot afford tuition, uniforms and school supplies and because they are required to work from a young age.


Through our sponsorship program a donor can cover the cost of one of our students in the program. Paul and Julie Copping are currently sponsoring Marvin, an 18-year-old from San Pablo La Laguna who is studying Business Administration.

When Paul was visiting Guatemala he had the chance to meet Marvin and learn more about him:

Marvin is an amazing young man. His father passed away a couple of years ago and he was forced to quit school in order to support his family.  He made it very clear that without the scholarship program he would not be able to attend school.  He crosses the lake to another town to go to a Business school to study business and then spends every afternoon breaking up rocks by hand to create gravel.”

Knowing Marvin´s story helped Paul truly understand the significance that the scholarship has for these students: “Since I am a business owner I felt a connection to Marvin because of his studies in business, but at the same time was humbled by the effort that was required of him on a daily basis in order to do this and still provide support for his mother and sister.  After one meeting with Marvin and hearing his story I knew we had made the right choice in committing to be his sponsor and providing the financial support needed to allow this wonderful young man the opportunity for a better life for himself and his family.”

You can also become a sponsor and change the life of a child or teenager in San Pablo La Laguna!

For more information reach out to Katja Gryl at To sign up as a sponsor click here. It cost $80 a month to sponsor a student. Once you have signed up you will receive a profile of your sponsored student, as well as updates about how he or she is doing every six months.