Domingo’s biggest wish is to be able to see again

Two years ago, Domingo realized that his sight was blurrier than usual. He thought it was something temporary so he didn’t worry. Today, Domingo barely leaves his house because the cataracts have clouded most of his vision. He has tried to get surgery several times, but due to his diabetes and high-glucose levels, doctors cannot operate on him. 

Domingo and his two sons.

Domingo and his two sons.

Domingo (age 41) has been living with diabetes for 8 years. He used to be a cleaning supplies salesman, going door to door in San Pablo to make a living. During his free time, he enjoyed hanging out by the lake with his family.  Now, he spends most of his days sitting in a hammock in his living room, listening to the TV. When the cataracts clouded his vision almost entirely, two years ago, his life changed completely. 

 His family is worried that going out on his own might be too dangerous for him, “They say that I might fall or something bad could happen to me, and that is going to make our situation worse”.  That is why he spends most of his time alone at home. This has had a huge impact in Domingo´s mood and emotional state.

 Domingo’s wife has become the main provider for the family, that is why she is working double shifts at a restaurant in San Marcos. This means she is rarely at home and cannot help Domingo with his daily activities as much as she would like to. Luckily, his 20-year-old son helps him around the house sometimes and keeps him company whenever he can. 

 Last year, he went to a clinic during a medical mission, expecting to get surgery to remove the cataracts and regain his vision. Unfortunately his blood glucose levels were too high and doctors could not operate on him. The inability to get surgery is the main cause of frustration for Domingo, since all he wants is to recover his eyesight, “the hardest part is to not be able to go out and work. It hurts me to stay at home all day every day.”


 Domingo has tried to keep his glucose levels in a normal range, but it seems like nothing is really working. Since he first started going to the Sanjuanerita Clinic he changed his diet and stopped eating sugars and highly processed foods. He also started getting insulin, so he could inject it every day at home. Despite all of these efforts, his blood sugar levels continue unchanged, and this has prevented him from getting the surgery that he needs to recover his sight. 

 Domingo is one surgery away from getting his sight back and going back to his normal active life. To get there, he first needs to keep his glucose levels in check, and you can help him achieve this!

 Right now, our main objective is to monitor Domingo’s blood sugar levels, to find out if the insulin is being effective. We also want to make sure that the insulin is being administered properly. To do this we need to (1) get a blood glucose meter for Domingo to keep at home and (2) get a promoter to visit him at least once a week, to train the family on how to measure glucose levels and help with the insulin injections, as well as to check on Domingo’s progress. Since this is a special case, we are going to need some extra funding.

 Help us give Domingo his sight and his life back. Your donation is going to enable us to cover the costs of monitoring his blood sugar levels and, hopefully, lower them enough to have surgery and finally recover his vision. Donate now.