Our June Ambassador: Kay

Every month, Rosario comes to the clinic in San Pablo to get her hypertension medication. Since she was diagnosed three years ago she hasn’t missed one single consultation. “If it wasn’t for the clinic I wouldn’t be able to get my medicine anywhere else”.

ODIM team

ODIM team

 Rosario lives with her daughter in a tiny but cozy house in San Pablo. She usually comes by herself to the clinic, but lately her daughter has been coming with her because she is expecting a baby and needs prenatal care. Rosario is very excited to meet her first grandchild.

 Since she was diagnosed with hypertension, the Chuitinamit Clinic is the only place she gets her medicine for free, "It is hard for me to come up with the Q20 (around $3) for the consultation. But at least I'm sure I will get my medication”.

 Nurse Rebeca is the one that checked Rosario, during her last consultation, and made sure that her blood pressure was under control. Rebeca is  from San Pedro and is fluent in Tz’utujil. Since Rosario doesn't speak a lot of Spanish, she feels very comfortable communicating with Rebeca in their native language. By the end of the appointment, she received the medicine that she needed to treat her hypertension.

This year, we have had 25% more consultations than what we had during the same period last year. This makes us very excited, because it means more people have access to healthcare, but it also means we need more funding to keep doing our work.

During the month of June, all of this was possible thanks to the support of our Ambassador Kay Soetaert. Kay has been an ODIM supporter for several years now:

I was blessed with meeting JoAna Dwyer (ODIM founder) around 2007 on a mission trip with a group from Overland Park, Kansas. I had been on other mission trips working with Habitat for Humanity and also San Lucas Mission in Guatemala. At the time ODIM was a very grass roots organization and I fell in love with the people of San Pablo and San Juan. I did annual trips on construction teams but also became involved with some of the printing projects needed by ODIM. As I became more involved and spent more time in the communities I witnessed the progress being made in health care and health education. There are so many dedicated to this mission and the ODIM staff is amazing and very committed. I am very grateful to be a small part of ODIM and will continue to be a donor and volunteer for years to come.”

Nurse Rebeca and Rosario

Nurse Rebeca and Rosario

By becoming an Ambassador, Kay provided medical care, lab tests and medicines for all of our patients in our two clinics. That is 656 consultations, in which patients didn’t need to pay extra for their medication or laboratory tests. Her donation also allowed us to cover the costs of home visits, salaries of the Doctor, our Nurses, and our Receptionist, the costs of electricity and keeping the clinic clean. 

 In summary, she enabled  us to continue to provide quality healthcare to patients like Rosario, and to continue to employ competent local professionals, like Nurse Rebeca. 

 You can change the life of hundreds of people from San Juan and San Pedro La Laguna too! We are looking for special companies to pledge to take on the costs of one month of medical costs each year. With $7000 you can help us keep our clinics open for one more month. Become an ODIM Ambassador.