Poverty and the high costs of attending school in Guatemala (relative to what families in our service area earn) force children to work in order to help provide food for their families rather than go to school. San Pablo is poor by every measure of development and many children simply do not have the opportunity to attend school. 

Our scholarships provide children in San Pablo the resources and support they need to attend and succeed in school.  The donations for this program cover registration, monthly tuition, books, supplies, school and gym uniforms, two pair of shoes, four hours of tutoring per week and constant communication between ODIM teachers, parents and their school teachers. Also as a component of this program students have the opportunity to give back to the clinic and to their community through ODIM-organized acts of service throughout the year.

In July of 2014, ODIM's Board of Directors voted to expand our scholarship program through high school (called "Diversificado") as they and ODIM leadership in Guatemala are convinced this is an expansion that gives greater opportunities to live out the vision of ODIM:  "That the people we serve will have a positive future for themselves and their children."

$700 covers all of the program costs for a scholarship recipient for one year.