Community Health and Education Programs

ODIM’s efforts extend beyond medical services. With the intention of enabling prevention, an elevated quality of life and sustainable change, we have five programs that promote education and integrative care in our communities.

We aim to engage and empower participants in our programs by stimulating and supporting their intrinsic desire and capacity for growth; be it with a diabetic patient accepting and managing their disease, a scholarship student making honor roll, or a mother seeking to improve her children’s diet.

Our programs endeavor to be multi-faceted, evidence-based and culturally-aligned.

Healthy Mommy & Me

“Healthy Mommy & Me” is founded on the principles of the worldwide movement, the First 1000 Days. Studies prove that by bolstering nutrition, education and health practices from conception to a child’s second birthday, children can develop physically and mentally for healthy futures. This program could not be more relevant in Guatemala, where the rate of chronic malnutrition is one of the highest in the world. There are 4 intervention methods involved in this program: healthcare, education, supplementation and support groups.

Impact: This program is reaching 250 women and children.


Adolescent Health

In this new program supported by the British Embassy we empower youth to make healthy decisions regarding their sexual health and development. Sexual health is generally omitted from school curriculum and is a taboo subject in households of the communities where we work. We approach this subject as holistically as possible: including a range of themes such as healthy relationships, alcohol abuse, mental health, contraceptives, and sexuality. To maintain cultural sensitivity and break down the taboo, we work closely with parents to help them learn with their child as they navigate together the many changes that occur during adolescence. The aim of this program is to create a strong cohort of participants confident in their ability to make decisions that best meet their needs and dreams. 

Diabetes — Let's Walk Together

Between our two clinics we serve over 300 diabetic patients. The majority are Type 2 and all are invited to participate in our diabetes club, Caminemos Juntos (Let’s walk together). We meet the many challenges of inciting lifestyle change and breaking down social stigmas with lessons on the disease in a supportive environment with healthy snacks, and group exercise. Patients also receive monthly health consultations. Each year we hold a festival in the community to raise awareness and celebrate our dedicated participants.

Impact: Offering services to over 300 diabetes patients.


Costs associated to schooling often deny San Pablo children the fundamental right to education. Students are selected based on financial need and academic ambition, and receive a scholarship to cover the costs of their education. However, children are often times not given the guidance or time needed in the home and in the schools in order to truly excel. Therefore, ODIM staffs 3 teachers to provide group tutoring and enrichment classes to each of the 19 children involved. The mark of our success is youth continuing their education and pursuing higher-level studies.

Impact: Nine students pursuing their studies.

If you would like to learn more about our programs, reach out to Stephany Giron at