Clinical Services

ODIM aims to provide high quality, culturally competent, affordable primary health care to the indigenous populations of San Juan and San Pablo.  The providers include bilingual Spanish/Tzutijil speaking nurses and a physician local to the community.  The two clinics in San Juan and San Pablo La Laguna were built with the hands, hearts, and financial contributions of volunteers.  Combined these clinics provide a total of 9,500 patient visits each year. 

Patients pay a nominal fee (about $3), though no one is turned away based on ability to pay.  The majority of funding, medicines, and supplies comes from North American donors. 

Our clinical services are designed around the expressed needs of the communities.

  • Primary care-The majority of visits are patients seeking general consult for an illness.   Leading health concerns are peptic ulcers, diabetes, intestinal parasites, arthritis, and urinary tract infections.  Our staff combines education and prevention counseling along with evidence based remedies for treatment.

  • Diabetes-As one of the leading health issues among our patients, we have developed a clinic/community program that combines education, outreach, and patient management for diabetes.  Health promoters meet with diabetic patients prior to consult to test glucose and review diet and exercise.  The health providers then counsel patients and adjust medications, as needed.

  • Prenatal Care-Our trained nurse midwife serves XX pregnant women a year. We are equipped with a portable ultrasound machine and basic laboratory tests to monitor a pregnant woman’s progress. She collaborates with other local traditional midwives to assure that deliveries are conducted by trained birth attendants.

  • Bach Flowers- We provide this treatment for emotional issues such as anxiety and depression by combining taking diluted flower tinctures with counseling.  The nurse who provides this service makes referrals to local mental health providers, as needed. 

  • Pharmacy-Both clinics have a pharmacy stocked with about 180 different medications, primarily sourced from North America. Onsite pharmacies with medications that are including in the general consult price making treatments options accessible.

  • Laboratory - Both clinics offer simple laboratory tests of blood, urine, and feces. However, referrals must be for complex blood analysis and ultrasounds, often delaying diagnosis and treatment.

ODIM welcomes visiting doctors and health care professionals (with current license) to work with us. Our staff and patients have benefitted greatly from the knowledge, interaction, relationships and care that has been shared by foreign physicians, nurse practitioners and other trained medical professionals with a desire to serve. 

If you'd like more information about serving with our medical staff, please start that conversation with ODIM's Volunteer Coordinator.

Dental Clinic

Our dental clinic provides cleaning, fillings, and extractions.  Many people are accustomed to coming to a dentist only in times of crises and so we are working to encourage more preventive care, particularly through cleanings and fluoride application.  Our dentists are also collaborating with medical staff to assure special needs of our diabetic patients are met.    

If you'd like more information about serving in our dental clinic please start that conversation with Marta Xicay, ODIM's Volunteer Coordinator.