The easiest way to reach us is by e-mail. If you'd like to visit it us while in San Juan or San Pablo, please contact either the Executive Director or Volunteer Coordinator before hand to set up a tour.

Executive Director: (Amy Holly) 
Communications and Fundraising Manager: (Katja Gryl)
Coummunity Health Program Manager: (Stephany Giron)
Business Manager: (Pedro Mendez Coche)
Volunteer Coordinator: (Marta Xicay)
Clinic Administrator: (Yaneth Cholotio)



Mailing Addresses  


Martha Stowe                                   
1527 Waterside Ct.                          
Dallas, Texas, 75218                                               

All other correspondence:

 Ron Wilhelm
 2670 Ivandell Ave                                         
 Dallas, Texas, 75211