ODIM (Organization for the Development of the Indigenous Maya) got its start offering humanitarian relief in the aftermath of Hurricane Stan that killed thousands and devastated Guatemala in 2005.  Since then, ODIM has grown within these communities here on the lake to create sustainable health and education programs. 

With a chisel and hammer the construction of the San Juan Clinic (Clinica Sanjuanerita) began in 2008, and was completed with the help of hundreds of volunteers from the States and the funding efforts of many churches, civic organizations and individuals.   

In 2012 ODIM became a 501c.3 tax-exempt organization in the USA, establishing ODIM as a permanent and recognized force for good in Guatemala. In 2013, ODIM leadership studied the situation in San Pablo and decided to act definitively to invest there for the long-haul. In February of 2014, the clinic in San Pablo (Clinica Chuitinamit) celebrated its opening.  

Every year we have about 9500 patient visits to our two clinics!  The medical and dental clinic offer immediate treatment as well as ongoing care, and through our health education programs we provide information to help improve the health of our communities. 

As a US Registered 501c3 organization, ODIM is happy to share our Form 990 with any interested parties. Click download below to get a copy. If you would like information about any additional policies, please reach out to our Executive Director, Amy Holly at executive.director@odimguatemala.org