ODIM is one of the best run organizations of its kind that I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen many. The care, passion, and love of their staff for the people of Guatemala is infectious. If your group is considering work with them, do it! It will change your life, and connect you with the beauty of the indigenous Maya. You will work alongside them, and you and they will be changed.
— Eric Folkerth, Dallas Texas

Short Term Volunteer Teams

Most of our volunteers come as part of teams who stay in Guatemala for seven to ten days. ODIM works with two different types of volunteer teams:

- Medical Teams: Comprised mainly of medical professionals who spend five days operating "Jornadas Medicas" or health services, in our clinics in San Juan and San Pablo. Every person with medical skills is welcome to come and work alongside or train our medical staff. Individuals without medical skills who come with a medical team can support the medical team in other ways.

- Construction Teams: Our construction volunteer teams work in the village of San Pablo La Laguna to build and repair houses for families in need. The work can be physically challenging, especially due to the elevation (Lake Atitlan is at 5,125 feet) and the heat of the Guatemalan sun. However, there are jobs for people of all physical abilities. Volunteer teams work alongside a local crew of construction workers contracted by ODIM and family members of the home being built. The local workers oversee the project and provide instruction to the volunteers to ensure everyone’s safety.  

All of our volunteer teams will have opportunities to learn about and be immersed in the local Maya culture of our communities. Here's a video from a recent group that shares just how rewarding the experience can be!  

To see more volunteer videos, click here. For more information on volunteering with ODIM, check out the Volunteer FAQ page, or email Marta Xicay at volunteer.coordinator@odimguatemala.org

Long Term Individual Volunteers

ODIM is able to accept a small number of long term individual volunteers. We ask for a minimum commitment of one month, however we prefer commitments of three months or longer. Since our programming is focused on health and education, we are able to accept volunteers who have experience in those fields. Medical professionals are of especially high need, and encouraged to inquire if interested. Being proficient in Spanish is also a requirement, as we are unable to provide a translator. If you meet our requirements and are interested in volunteering with us, please email Marta Xicay at volunteer.coordinator@odimguatemala.org