One of the best ways you can support ODIM is by telling others about our work. Below are some materials in the form of files that you can download and print to help share our story. Reach out to ask us about our peer-to-peer fundraising tools and how else we can help you help us help our communities!

  • ODIM trifold brochure: a general brochure highlighting ODIM's work; print on both sides of letter-sized paper and fold in three.
  • Sponsor a Mommy and Baby: A leaflet with information about sponsorships of mothers and their babies through our Healthy Mommy & Me initiative.
  • Sponsor a Grandma/Grandpa: A Leaflet with information about sponsorships for diabetic patients through our Diabetes Program.
  • Healthy Mommy & Me folded card: print on both sides of letter-sized card stock and fold in half to create a beautiful card. The card depicts  ODIM's Healthy Mommy & Me initiative to combat malnutrition and stunting in our communities.
  • ODIM donation form: for ODIM's Healthy Mommy & Me initiative; allows donors to see example impacts by gift amount. Print on a letter-sized page, and use to mail with donations by check.
  • ODIM video April 2016: in this video, you can hear directly from a few people whose lives are being changed by our Healthy Mommy & Me initiative, scholarship program, and health clinics.  
  • ODIM Pulse Fall 2016 Newsletter: Print and read our latest update—year 1 results for Healthy Mommy & Me, construction story, patient care story, our partnership with Duke University and St. Vincent College, and more!